in loving memory of our dear mother, daughter, friend

Motla Malesela

1 Dec 1988 – 18 Apr 2021

funeral Service details

Date: 24 April 2021
Time: 12pm


Family Tribute

The rain maker…
The joy you bring is absolutely priceless. We love to watch you smile, not only because your smile brightens up the room but mostly because it means the world to us to see you smile. 
They say there’s so much more to ones name and that we take after our name. 
Breaking down the beautiful and unique name, this is why you are the True Rain Maker 
M – magnificent is everything that you do
O – optimistic, always sees the glass half full… in your words “hai man unga worry” 
T – tenacity, because we don’t know anyone who is resilient and strong as you are, no matter how tough it gets, you still get up and go while lifting others around you 
L –  loving, without any hesitation and limit  
A – articulate, you never mix up your words, you are precise and a rare combination of bookworm with street cred 
L – lively, your energy so contagious, one cannot be around you and not smile back 
E – easy going, down to earth yet sophisticated with simplicity 
P – passionate, everything and everyone you touch ,you take care with so much love
U – unique, who ever said unicorns don’t exist, clearly they’ve never met you 
L – legit, talk about a real G! You are just down for your people, no 2 way about it 
E – enough, because you are just perfect as you are 
Yes we write this in present tense and as if you are here with us today, call it crazy but we call it internal love because you will forever remain in our hearts….simply put you do not leave a mark because you are forever engraved in our hearts. 
We love and honour you always. Motlalepule… Song of Happiness.


We will meet again Lover 
Thank You for being a true inspiration & a ray of hope. I miss You everyday & am obliged to accept living life with a permanent void. No words can express the depth of the pain that I feel currently but I would like to thank You for all the Epic memories that We shared.
I’ll continue loving You forever.
Little did we know that morning, that God was to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone. For part of us went with you the day God called you home. You left us beautiful memories, Your love is still our guide, and though we cannot see you, you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same, But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again. Love you forever”
In my life you are an embodiment of many characters; a sister, a cousin, a friend, an encourager and a builder too. You come in to people’s lives with a purpose and you change them. you make every single person around you better, without even realizing it. you are the person that someone can only live without, if they’ve never lived with them before. I saw God’s grace and glory working in your life, and this was so pleasing to watch. I am truly grateful to God for placing you in my journey although the journey has been cut short. Our family chain has been broken & nothing will ever be the same or at least make sense again, but as God takes us back home one by one, the chain shall link again. Please greet & Mawe & Obze the biggest warmest hug for us. Sikuthandile , Wazithanda. Manje Phumula Lala ngoxolo.
My older sister, my only ‘fam bam busty twinni’. I hope you know how much you were loved, admired & looked up to. I can’t fight the tears that so stubbornly come but I find comfort in knowing you will live forever through the laughs, the cries & all the memories we have all shared. I know, no sister-sister meet up will ever be the same. Mo, you have left us in a world that feels so depopulated without you. Until we meet again, you will continue to live in our hearts, for unable are the loved to die because love is immortal Please greet and give the warmest hugs to Mawe & Obza. Rest Easy, Mo Easy
Your sister Mpho
My dearest beautiful sister
I was definitely not ready for this nor am i willing to accept this.
I will cherish all the memories we shared and made
All the fights 
All the jokes
Us dancing knowing very well that we cant and the giggles after that 
You telling tshepo and i all the time that “uh ah yanoz again ngeke play something else”
The list of memories go on
God has given you your assignment 
Always my sister forever my angel. 
I will miss you and everything about you 
Your two beautiful girls will be looked after and loved the way you loved them. 
Pumula mtaka ka ma, Goodnight Motlalepule, robala Malesela 
I love you so so so much and I’ll see you in the morning 
My Evergreen 
I don’t know how I will go through this life without my “Twin”
You’ve been by my side since the day I could piece together that I am a living and breathing being, that I have family and that I am loved
I’m going to miss calling you “friend” then correcting myself and saying cuz, because truly you were my dearest dearest friend 
That gorgeous smile, that laugh
I’m going to miss you laughing at our childhood stories and giving demonstrations 
I’m going to miss your Brilliance! Because what an intelligent being you are.
You touched lives Mo
I hope you and Mawe are making tea & pouring Obza “something something”
I hope you smiling at our worries because you truly know you are at peace
We are jealous that peace doesn’t include us
…but will try find peace in knowing that we we will meet again.
I love You Mo
I love you Forever
My Evergreen
You’ve left such a huge hole in my heart friend but I’ll always remember the fun times we’ve had together, you were the first friend I met at UJ back 2007 until the last year you carried me through sooo much Moe. I loved you so much my friend you were more like a sister to me. I’m eternally grateful for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful Life. Heaven has indeed gained an Angel...My Angel...
Moe. I was never ready for your exit on this earth.I was still looking forward to all that God was gonna do in your life. I was ready for that third baby shower and for us to dance down the aisle with you as the beautiful bride... I am thankful that you knew Jesus and this is my greatest comfort. I know that when you got on the bus to heaven on Saturday night /Sunday morning you got off at eternity stop and you met up with a God who is better and bigger than any achievement that we would gain on this side of heaven. Our God of comfort and love and joy and health and healing met you and made you whole again. You will be missed.You are already missed.You are loved and you were always loved. You were a fighter and I know that you fought to rise above all of the challenges you faced. I am so glad that just before you exited you introduced me to your funny side.I really enjoyed laughing with you during our latte catch ups... You lived the life of a did your best. Mama wa Micah le Mikayla I will see you when I catch the heaven bus
I met Motla in varsity and we have kept each other in our spaces since. I loved Mo and her zeal, passion for life and how she embraced motherhood. Mo was an excellent mother. So much grace for her kids. And I praise her for being able to have a girls time and be kind to her kids all at the same time. Mo you will be missed dearly.