Ditebogo go tšwa ga Mampuru

A message of gratitude from the Mampuru family.

Tema e wetše, Monare le Morwakgadi ba ikhuditše.

Re rata go leboga meloko le metswalle ka mokgwa wo le re thekgilego ka gona matšatšing a go feta. Dipelo tša rena di kwele bohloko, fela di tla fola.

As we read and appreciated all the tributes from the community at large, it was clear to us as their children that mama and daddy chose the path less traveled and that has made the difference for all of us. 

Thank you for your love and support. Honouring the three pillars (spiritual, professional & vocational as well as family) of their lives was made possible by  your desire to pay homage to two extraordinary lives.

May we all continue to take a leaf from the values and principles mama and daddy lived by and may God bless you all abundantly.

The Mampuru Family.