Madinoge Asmeralda Motau

Mama and Daddy dearest,

My heart is in a million little pieces. I lost my breath when you left us. The unconditional love you showed us endures. I am struggling, but I release you in love. I will miss our Weinachten Nachtmal and the excitement that filled the house on that day. We will continue with the tradition. I love you forever my darling mama le daddy.

Your Daughter. 

Semadi Ernaus Motau

Mama & Daddy

My heart is shattered, but my life has been so much richer because you came into my life. You loved me for who I was and supported my marriage to Asme unconditionally. My gratitude will endure, along with the memories we shared together.

Your Son.

Boati Motau

Koko and Ntatemogolo

I don’t even know how to put words to how much I’m going to miss both of you. You have both been such a constant light and support in my life and it’s going to be very hard to fill the empty void that is there now. I love you both so much and I know that heaven is getting to beautiful angels now.

Love, Your princess

Mrs Lea Makgato
PWL Tembisa East Parish

We are deeply saddened by the departure of mama and papa Mampuru from this earth. Gaod has His own way of doing things. He knows why He decided to call them at the same time, we may not understand that. Mama Maphoko was a pioneer of our Pretoria Circuit, a humble but firm person when it comes to leading us PWL members.

She was a person of a rare breed. It’s going to be tough to get a person of her calibre. We have lost a soldier in our Circuit. May her precious soul rest in perfect peace and rise in Glory.

We are going to miss that commitment she has displayed. Be comforted, knowing that you are not alone. Amen

Ms Winile Ndebele-Mashinini
Lutheran Church, Ekukhanyeni

May their beautiful souls rest in eternal peace and rise in God’s Glory.

Lebogang Ramashala,
Tembisa West Parish

My heartfelt and sincere condolences to the family. This picture was taken on our Martin Luther’s tour in 2018. She had a vision about the tour and she organized it and it was successful. Mama will always have a special place in y heart. I loved her so much and I know deep down in my heart that she loved me too.

Ester Matabane

You left us too soon. When i came to visit in December i didn’t know that i was seeing you for the last time.You left without  warning.God broke our hearts to prove to us that He only takes the Best. You were both very generous to me,my family and everyone around you.Im grateful for the love,respect and humanity that you’ve shown and taught us. 

To my beloved cousins:Let the memories of your parents provide you with comfort and serve as guidance. You will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. 

May their beautiful souls rest in eternal peace.

With love

The Tsotetsi Family.

Mampuru family…Today as you lay your beloved parents, aunt and uncle, grand parents to their last resting place, the Tsotetsi family in its entirely would like to expressed their deepest sorrow for the dark clouds that has befell upon you. During the trying period of the past few days we know it has been hard and you managed to pull till this day. We therefore wanna express our condolences and be with you in spirit as the day proceed towards laying the beloved to rest. May the strength of the lords prayer be with you for and the future.

Bahunoto - Phahla, Prof Mogobo Nokaneng.

Lapa la ga Mampuru/Rena ba ga Nokaneng we are devasted/Go lahleglwa ke tatagorena Josia Ramakodi Mampuru le Mmagorena  Debra Mampuru morwedi wa Moruri Letsoalo,Kgadi ya Banareng. Lena Marota,babinanoko le re kgwathile bophelong bja lena.You touched us at Mmagebana,in Witbank at Vista University,at the University of South Africa,in Church at Mamelodi West at The Independent Schools and   at Umalosi.You both had the ability  to help others to understand their  situations better thus enabling  them to take decisive actions through the use of language “Mintihro e a Vulavula” Babinako,magopa dithoto Bauba ga a hlabane o a bota Marota a mahwibidu Dibolaya di ipolaela,dibobatsa mohlaka Digolokane tse Tsate.

PWL Member from Thembisa

Heartfelt condolences to the family. The leader has indeed fallen, she has left a massive unfillable vacuum. She was a rare breed, down to earth with good leadership qualities. To die is a loss on earth but a gain in heaven. RIP my leader.

Philipians   1:21

Till we meet again Sesi – Sefela 351

sugar Ntwampe
PWL Member

Robala ka khutso Mma. Ke tlo go gopola ka mehla. Your kindness, warmth, understanding, modesty, generosity and teachings will always be with me. Learnt a lot from you. Calm and poised at all time. A lady at all times.

I am writing this with tears in my eyes because I still can’t believe that you are gone.

Robala ka khutso Mma.

Salome Mpitso

Words can not begin to describe the feelings we all are in. My thoughts and prayers are with the family


Koko was someone who was unconditionally kind and loving. She always made sure to check up on us and offer her support whenever we would need it.

When Koko smiled, you couldn’t help but smile as well. Her energy was infectious. A brilliant and intelligent woman. Koko inspired us all in some way. I will miss her dearly and I hope we can carry her spirit with us going forward. I love you Koko.

Ntatemogolo, I used to think that for as long as I had known him, he was wasn’t a man of many words. His energy was always joyful when we were around and didn’t hesitate to help us with anything. I remember he was dropping me off at the rowing regatta and the whole ride he would sing and hum. It was clear that he was happy to be with us.

Unfortunate circumstances occurred and Ntatemogolo was diagnosed with dementia. With hindsight, I realised how his few words felt like hundreds. I will miss him dearly. I love you Ntatemogolo.

I am glad the two of you got to spend your last years travelling together. I hope you are at peace.

With all my love.


So where do I start, Koko was one of the only people that never did anything that would discourage me and every word she said came with kindness. She was just a figure that looked like some goddess to me because she always knew what to do, and the outcome of her actions were always positive. I want her to know that I have always loved her and will never stop loving her.

Now, Ntatemogolo, one of the only people that I’ve known or seen that has lived as long as you and stay as strong as you did. Every moment I spent with you had some glimpses of joy, even if it was for the smallest amount of time. I treasure every second. Even if you’re not here your name shall be carried through me and thus will never leave my heart.

I can’t believe that I was lucky enough to have such loving grandparents for such a long time as some haven’t even seen or known their grandparents. Even thoughI would have liked to have you here a lot longer, but God had a plan and I trust that He has made the right decision by taking you from u.

You and your love will never be forgotten.

Mampaka Lydia

Bana ba Aus’ Debs: May Almighty God multiply your love; and may He grant you peace and healing.

Aus’ Debs and Daddy: Thank you, Aus’ Debs, for being a reliable big sister. Thank you for exemplary Christian life of service to the people of God. Thank you for praying together through various challenges over the years.

I thank God for your faith. May He reward you for the good things that you did in your lives and forgive your shortcomings. May His perpetual light shine upon you, and may He grant you eternal rest. Amen.


I first got to know ‘Mom Debbie’ when I was in Form 1 at Ribane-Laka Secondary School in 1970. She was my Northern Sotho teacher, a young teacher completely in love with her husband in whom she found a spiritual and intellectual counterpart. She has been part of my life from our years at Ribane-Laka Secondary School.

It was the morning of 21st January 2021. As my phone rang, I found myself
optimistic and quite excited to receive a positive update on your health. Instead, I got news that broke me! Everything around me consumed by complete darkness!


The message on the other end of the phone said You didn’t make it!!!


What went wrong? How did it happen? Why did you go away? Why didn’t you win that struggle with death? How do I say good-bye to someone who has been an integral part of my life for over 50 years?


These and many other unanswered questions storm my mind, as uncontrollable tears roll down my cheeks.

You have no idea, Mom Debbie, what losing you did to my heart. It tore a piece of my soul right out of my chest. Tears just flow when I look at your pictures. 

Mom Debbie, how I wish I could talk to you and hear your voice. How I wish I could hold your hand and make you laugh again. I miss your smile and your gentle voice. My thoughts are consumed by you every single morning when I wake up  and you are in my final thoughts every night as I drift asleep. This empty feeling is taking its toll on me. I wish I had half of your strength to help me get through this. I just wanted to reiterate your impact on me. It is said Some people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

You were a rare gem. A very resilient woman with strong ethics. You never lost your natural kindness or the moral compass that set your priorities. You are irreplaceable! 

It hurts that you are gone but what consoles me is the following quotation, “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart”. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Love you always

Tribute to Mr & Mrs Mampuru by Matseleng Mabusela

We often say that the hour of death cannot be forecast. When we say this, we imagine this hour would be in a distant future. 

How do we reconcile ourselves to the heartbreaking reality that you are no longer physically with us?

A lovely couple that was always great fun to be around…elegant in an understated, non-ostentatious way… What an inspiration!

Your passing compels in us the strength to face our own mortality and existence. Your passing forces us to strengthen our faith in our all-knowing God the almighty, albeit very difficult. I must say the past couple of days have made one philosophical, bringing awareness to the transitory nature of all earthly happenings. The feeling of acceptance of what is and of letting you go never stays with us for long, instead it evokes sensitivity that pits us face to face against the reality of our own self-serving pursuits. Your passing is difficult to accept or even just wrap my mind around. I try to find solace in the understanding that you are much happier in God’s side. 

Mama and Daddy, you both lived your lives with grace and dignity. You lived and led by example. We are devastated but God loves you best! I will forever cherish the memories we’ve created together. You are gone but not forgotten. 

To your children I say, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

May St. Peter and all the saints open wide the gates of heaven as the angels welcome Mr & Mrs Mampuru with great trumpet and open hands!

I love you ….Rest peacefully in the bosom of our Lord


“Mevrou, I was privileged to to have met you and your husband fondly known as Daddy in my life, especially during my teenage years. It hurts that both of you are no more. You have contributed immensely towards what I am today. I appreciate it. There is only one thing you never shared though, which is how you managed to keep so young looking even in your retirement, remember our discussion in 2019? As for Afrikaans, you made me and my classmates change our attitude and embrace it as a subject. I must say when we came across Police in those dark years in our country, knowing Afrikaans came in very handy. May you and your husband rest in eternal peace.” To your children and grand children, I say reflect on your parents teachings and you will survive in this challenging world. Only time will heal the wounds of our loss.”


Our heartfelt Condolences to the Mampuru family , friends and neighbours.May the Good Lord give you strength to weather this storm. You and the family are in our prayers

Elizabeth Tsele

My innge meegevoel met die verlies aan my Afrikaans onderwyseres Jufruo Mampuru.My gebede gaan aan al die familie end vriende in hierdie tyd.

Selomane Maitisa (neé Laka)

My heartfelt condolences to the Mampuru family. What I remember vividly about Mevrou was her caring nature and her dedication to us, her students. She made me love and excel in Afrikaans to the extent that I chose to study Professie Afrikaans against Practical English at Turfloop University. Psalm 121:1: ‘I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from, my help comes from The Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth’.

Hendrick Mokolane

Oh what a teacher, oh what a class (5A). We were not just taught to pass, we learned about life. She taught us life without saying a lot. In her on quiet way, we were moulded to who we are today. We can only celebrate their lives and thank God for sending us angels to watch over us. We have lost mentors of note. However the heavens have gained worthy angels. May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

Dikeledi Buys

We are highly favoured to have been mentored and nourished by Mevrou with humility and love. What a beautiful soul both inside and out. I will always cherish the classy touch you added to that black skirt! Mevrou, you have produced men and women of stature and for that your family should find solace and strength. Your tenacity, your love , your caring soul: YOUR LEGACY LIVES IN US! We didnt drop the ball handed to us by Mevrou.. A great woman indeed..she lives in us.. Find solace in the Lord..there is a lesson for all of us in this .. Classmates..i am looking forward to a zoom come together.. Heartfelt condolences and love

Conrad Teffo Std10A Mamelodi High:

Mevrou “Kriek” was 1. Soft spokenness, dedicated to her work, very tidy& meticulous ( even though she taught a subject most of us hated the most, AFRIKAANS but her smile would make you want to do better &better). 2. What a beautiful soul, very caring, soft skinned & beautiful. MAY HER SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE 3. We will forever cherish & value all the principles she instilled in us: i.e. Working together, working hard & keep smiling at all times no matter the situation


Mevrou, thanks for the teachings that u imparted to us. U were our Mother. YR humility and professional outlook towards YR work made me who I am 2day. Kriket was like Greek to Us, but with YR soft voice, U thought us to understand that book and we were able to pass Afrikaans. May yr faithful soul and darling rest in eternal peace till we meet again. Family, friends, students __God is our Master builder, HIS PLANS are perfect and true, when He sends sorrow to Us is part of His plan. Call upon His name, He will hear Us and heal Our broken hearts. Lets continue to ask God to eradicate this invisible monster and provide Us with an effective Vaccine. Stick to the new normal.

Sy Mathabatha

O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful, grant to the souls of mam Mampuru and her husband departed the remission of all their sins, that through our pious supplication they may obtain that pardon which they always desired; who live and reign for ever and ever, and may the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace AMEN

Isaac Fenyane

Condolences to the Mampuru family, I would like to thank Mrs Mampuru for imparting, sharing her knowledge, for nurturing and sharing my future. For this I will forever be thankful for having crossed paths with her. You have run a good race, you accomplished your purpose in this world, what’s left for you, is to receive your hard earned crown. May their souls rest in eternal peace

Tshidi Mabusela (Lehabe)

Mevrou really contributed to what we are today. She was my role model. A woman of integrity, a phenomenal woman you were. A GOD fearing woman To Mr Mampuru thanks for allowing mevrou to be what she was to all the people. May your beautifu souls rest in eternal peace. To the children and the whole family may the LORD strengthen you as you navigate through these dark days.

Desmond Phala
Std 10A Mamelodi High School 1980

“Mevrou” you are one of the Best Teachers I’ve ever met in my entire life, humble, soft spoken and Intelligent. Thank you very much for have been one of the contributors in my journey in life. May your soul and your Dear Husband’s Rest In Peace

John Konki Molope

My first job interview in 1982 at a racist private company was in Afrikaans I got appointed because my Afrikaans proficiency was honed by her teaching professionalism may her soul rest in peace.

Tsholofelo Sibanyoni (Mogotsi)

Heartfelt condolences to Mampuru and Letsoalo family. ‘Mevrou’ was a guardian and sister to form 5A 1980. To me as a girl learner youwere an embodiment of grace,serenity humility and. May your beautiful soul and of ntate Mampuru be safe and at peace with the Almighty


My sincere and heartfelt condolences to the Mampuru familyI wish you strength and fortitude during this difficult time of bereavement. Thank you Mevrou Mampuru for instilling a high sense of integrity, discipline, and tenacity in me. These are values that I will always treasure. May both Mrs. and Mr. Mampuru’s humble, beautiful souls rest in eternal peace

Lena Ncobo (Lekhuleni)

This is sad indeed. My sincere condolences to the Mampuru ‘s family. May the Lord strengthen every member of the family. It is a great loss to the family, us ( students)and community.I will always treasure the times we shared with Mevrou ( in class ,teaching us afrikaans and during school holidays visiting her at home ). May the soul of Mrs and Mr Mampuru rest in peace.

Elsie Dipuo Tlali (Ndaba)

Mevrou “KRIEK” en DADDY! Mag die Here jou familie reiklik seen gedurende die hartseer tyd. Baie dankie vir jou lewe as my Afrikaans Onderwyser en vir baie Ander, waardeer dit.

Maria Mathebe

Heartfelt condolences to the family, class 5A:1980 and to every one who was blessed to be mentored by this incredible mother and teacher. her motherly love carried us through life We thank God and Daddy for affording us the opportunity to spend time with her. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

Papile Mathebe

It is with deep grief and sense of loss that I, Papile Mathebe, convey my heartfelt condolence to the family of Mampuru for the unfortunate passing of our ever smiling class teacher, who was also our mother. She really demonstrated to us the love she had for us and really displayed the kind of a dedicated educator who immensely contributed to our upbringing. I honestly send my message of comfort to the family. We are saying no one is indispensable, but in her, we had a special, dedicated and caring teacher who put our education first. May the family be strong during this time of bereavement and post funeral. May her indomitable spirit rest in power.

Kaslutho Maria Maidi-Mabena

To the Mampuru and Letsoalo families: It was a great shock, sadness and distraught to learn about the passing on of Mr and Mevrou Mampuru.

When I heard the news of her passing, there were so many thoughts and memories that raced through my head. During our prime years in the 70s, the education system then, compelled us to study in Afrikaans. This however changed. It was very difficult for most of the learners. In her Matric Afrikaans class, she put so much effort into helping us grasp certain concepts and mastering this language which resulted in me enjoying and excelling in it post – matriculation in my professional career.

Just like many of you, I thought about the number of interactions we have had. We met after three decades as members of the Prayer Women’s League (PWL) in the Evangelical Luthern Church in Southern Africa (Pretoria Circuit) where she held various roles. During the past 5 years, I noted that Dr Mampuru had “The Core Characters of a Godly Women”.

In 2018, she spearheaded and organized a trip to Germany on “The Life of Martin Luther” for the PWL. We thanked her for this opportunity to be exposed to the valuable knowledge on the origin of the Luthern Church. Death has robbed the family, community, church and other institutions where she was part of.

Her absence is going to be felt by all. May the family and all who knew them be strengthened and comforted by God’s grace,peace and mercy. May the souls of Mr and Dr Mampuru rest in Eternal Peace.

With Great Sorrow.

Thomas Mketelwa

I was directed by the KZMPF board of management to pass their sincere condolences to your loss of your parents and give you the courage and strength to deal with this huge and difficult situation may the soul of the departed souls rest in forever peace.

the Thobela family

Most sincere and heartfelt condolences my brother. Losing a parent is the most painful thing that could ever happen to anyone regardless of age and level of independence or self sufficiency. I reach out this morning to say to you that I truly share in your pain. May the good lord give you and your family strength and comfort to navigate through these trying, difficult and dark times. I send all our love as the Thobela family. You are in our prayer. Please be well

Mmasebotsana wa Mmane

Asme, Kahlo, Maredi and lehlogonolo, our hearts ache for you and with you. We all miss your beloved very much, words cannot Express the sorrow and sadness we feel at the loss of your parents. We are absolutely heartbroken they were such beautiful souls carrying and very giving always there for family!. As days continue to pass; I hope you find comfort and support in the people that surround you and the wonderful memories you carry in your minds and in your hearts. I love you guys, Mmasebotsana wa Mmane